Wintercroft Masks at Anti-Oil Drilling Event


The good people of Leith Hill recently employed our Masks for an anti-oil drilling event and we are happy to report a successful mission. These images, sent to us by a unique entity called Ackroyd and Harvey, show a peaceful, progressive gathering of environmentally conscious residents protecting their land from the big oil companies that desecrate areas of natural beauty for short term profiteering. The implications of this intrusive activity include; water supply corruption, air pollution, desecration of the beauty of the Green Belt and the further endangerment of many Red List Species in the area...



"The event was organised in defiance of plans to drill for oil on Leith Hill, an area of outstanding natural beauty" - Dan Ackroyd



Ackroyd and Harvey is known for their unique photographic works which utilise the natural pigment of chlorophyll in making complex photographs. These artistic works have won numerous high profile awards and have been showcased in many prestigious venues; including the inauguration of the David Attenborough Building last year, which is one of the highest accolades achievable in the realm of environmentally-conscious art. The image below is from an exhibition entitled Life on Life, which was shown in Paris and featured their award-winning photographic work with the light-sensitivity of chlorophyll.



For more information on this event, the impact of fracking in the Green Belt and the beautiful, important work of Ackroyd and Harvey, follow the links below:

And, for more progressive Wintercroft-related activism, follow these:

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