Kes Dupras and the Shiny Scaly Dragon Build

"The scales themselves are composed completely of cut down card stock and were cut by hand with a pair of scissors." - Kes Dupras

Though we have had many impressive custom Dragon builds shared with us over the years, we have seldom-seen such dedication and meticulous attention to detail invested in a build. Canadian college student Kes Dupras shared her scaly Dragon V2 build with us and we were immediately blown away...



"I hand-curled the large sections of turned-up scales around the eyes and back. We estimate that it took about 2,000 scales to cover the outside of the Mask.The washers fitted to the sides of the mask are there so that the cardboard would take the weight of itself when strung up by a cord."



"Thanks to the folks at Wintercroft Masks, for making such stunning products! It took seven months, a pack of hot glue sticks, four cans of spray paint and over 2000 hand-cut paper scales to cover the base of the mask, but it's finally done!"



We would like to thank Kes for sharing her talent, time and build experience with us. We wish her all the success she deserves in the creative world and hope she has fun on future builds. If you'd like to see some other amazing customer creations, follow the links:


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