One Template, Ten Thousand Foxes


On that fabled Halloween back in 2012 when Steve raided the recycling bin and made himself a last minute Fox Mask to go to a party, who would have guessed that this event would shape his destiny? The experience led to a number of questions which helped create our unique approach to design, papercraft and mask making. How can we create a making process that is accessible to everyone, regardless of previous experience or their location? There is as much to be gained from the experience of making as there is from the finished mask, so, how do we share that? How do we leave enough room for people to express their own creativity, while providing a robust framework that would support any maker? Can we avoid the environmental impact of manufacturing and shipping materials by having makers use the resources that are already available locally?

Our goal from the beginning has been to create something that has a positive effect on the world around us. Something that provides a fun and rewarding experience, that doesn’t limit the maker's creativity and doesn’t have a negative effect on the environment. This is how our process was born. A carefully designed building experience, delivered digitally, providing a framework or foundation for the maker's imagination. No waiting for a package to arrive, no resources wasted on manufacturing or shipping (most people already own everything they need to build a mask) and no limitation on your creativity.

Just from this single template alone, we've seen over 10,000 unique creations from all over the world. 10,000 Foxes, each one individual and expressing the style, ideas, choices, and creativity of their maker. Now, with over 150 original designs in our collection, each one the starting point for a new creation, the potential creative exploration is limitless.



Your masks all look different because they are not assembled, they are created. Creative expression is not a process of gluing pre-cut parts together, it is your actions, choices and ideas that make your creation your own. If you look at pre-packaged papercraft kits, everyone's finished object looks exactly the same. Though many of these companies attempt to imitate the style of our finished masks, they miss the point entirely. It is the space for your creativity built into Steve's designs that set them apart. You choose the materials, colours, decorative additions and the level of detail that you will go into. It can be clean and simple with bold colours, finitely detailed and ornate, or anything in between and beyond. Then there is the meaning and context in which you wear the mask that adds weight to their impact. We've seen them rallied in proactive protest for a better world, we've watched performers exude confidence on stage in their theatrical personas, beautiful wedding ceremonies from many cultures and families coming together to craft and play together. We're honoured to be a part of these experiences and we can't wait to see yours. May many more masked adventures ensue.



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