Cosplay Costumes with Wintercroft Masks


Just look at these glorious Cosplay costumes that the build community have created. Nearly every day we are asked to create mask designs based on famous characters and as much as we'd love to oblige, we would never sell our version of another designer's character without permission, an official artistic collaboration, or proper licensing in place. It's just not who we are, or what we stand for. However, we are huge fans of many of the same iconic characters that we are asked to produce, so it is completely thrilling to us to see what all these builders have come up with based on Steve's mask designs as a starting point. Even the kids get amongst it every World Book Day. With over 150 designs in our ever growing mask collection, you are bound to find one that can be custom-decorated to become your favourite well-known character. Here's a few of our suggestions... 



Have a look at the collage above and imagine some of the amazing Cosplay costumes that you could create using these as a starting point. From top left to bottom right, we have the Super Hero, which would make a dashing Zorro, Cat Woman or Green Lantern costume come to life. Our Dragon V2 could of course be anything from Smaug to Dracarys. Then there is Death, complete with the hood, which would make a perfect Skeletor with some yellowy-green and purple card. Krampus could be reimagined as a macabre Maleficant with a little imagination. The Wicked Witch cackles for herself while our Varanous makes for a great Skeksis with some tufts and marker pens. Did you know that our Enchanter Skull was loosely based on Tim from Monty Python's Holy Grail? All he's missing is a wispy goatee and dodgy Scottish accent. The most frequently requested design lately has been the Mandalorian and we reckon our Spartan Helmet would make a fine base for expansion on this idea. Then there's our ubiquitous Evil Wizard and let's not forget about the Cobra Headdress, which would make an excellent Serpentor. Let your imagination go wild and if you make an incredible costume, tag @wintercroft or email us a photo and we'll share it with our global creative collective.

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