Diecast Car and Marble Racetrack


Get your diecast cars and marbles out - we're off to the races. Steve has meticulously designed a papercraft experience that will reawaken the rad racer in all of us. Today's feature explains the possibilities of each component included with the Wipeout Set and Afterburner Pack, while exploring how they can be integrated with our previous Marble Racetrack Sets to construct the ultimate crash course of thrills and spills. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.




The Wipeout Set includes (from left to right) Double Straight, Squeeze, Banked Corner and Double Bump

Double Straight

This essential bit of track is wide enough for two of your favourite diecast cars to race side by side or for several zooming marbles to compete within. Use the Double Straight for connecting slopes and ramps from the Afterburner Pack, creating downhills and launches for your cars and marbles.


The Squeeze is a fantastic adapter for connecting parts from the original Marble Sets. Create drama for die-cast cars and marbles alike - who will make the Squeeze point and take the lead? This essential bit of track also works well as a lead in or exit from Banked Corners to set your cars and marbles in the outside lane. Traverse from single track to double to add risk factors to the race.

Banked Corner

Take a 180° to the left or the right and see who takes the lead. Wide enough for two diecast cars or as many marbles as you like, this premier feature in your racetrack will add exciting dynamics to any session. Zoom round for the win or skid into a rubber-burning wipeout.

Double Bump

Double your trouble with a wide bump for two racing cars or as many marbles as you care to unleash. Hit at speed for a launch – who can stay on the track? Or, join together several Double Bumps for an undulating, rollicking section of racetrack.



The Afterburner Pack contains (from left to right) Launchpad, Ramp, Flat 45, and Slope



Flip the start gate lever and unleash two diecast racers to their doom and glory. Starting in two lanes gives the diecast cars an even chance before the chaos ensues while adding a starting or finishing touch to your racetrack. Combine our original Marble Racetrack sets with the Wipeout and Afterburner Pack for the ultimate experience in papercraft racing. Ready, set, go!


Set the ramp to transition to flat with force at the bottom of slopes, or use it for a launch ramp for marbles and race cars to jump gaps. Put at the end of a long descent and watch the projectiles fly toward victory or peril.

Flat 45

This 45° turn has no bank element but is deceptively dynamic and dangerous. Adaptable to include a potentially perilous central barrier or be one wide lane to jock for position within, this component will add tension and twists to any race.


The slop is the opposite of ramp and can be used to go from flat to downhill quickly. Combine slope and ramp together for a giant rollercoaster like track feature and see which car or marble racer has the metal to survive the plunge.


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