Into the Thundergate: Patterns of Mass


The Thundergate project is intended to connect and merge boundaries between worlds which are real and unreal. It is built with blurred edges at which music, art and narrative are a bridge or gateway, a momentary window to an alternative world. Our music is an audio guide for travellers, it illuminates the shadows of unfamiliar terrain and is an expression of a scene or idea with sound generated through synthesis describing environments and atmosphere.

Patterns of Mass began as an audio project through which we attempted to describe landscapes and atmospheres using synthesized sounds and assembled noises, creating momentary view ports into an imagined world. A supporting visual element evolved as a natural tool in further defining slices of an alternative reality. We created four videos which show abstract visualisations of the atmospheres invoked by the music. Both audio and visual where created through a process that utilises one form of signal to manipulate another creating networks and complicated webs of interaction.


Geometry responds like an animal to the flow of the music in a trick of code and computing as a crude imitation of a nervous system and life

In this still from our first audiovisual, White Scar Dawn, the accompanying art is a visual manifestation of the audio source signal in which sound sculpts form and light. Geometry responds like an animal to the flow of the music in a trick of code and computing as a crude imitation of a nervous system and life. Sounds of exploding distant masses and otherworldly Moog Mother 32 tones frame eerily beautiful chordal swells from the ASM Hydrasynth and Elektron Digitone.


The video conveys the feeling of an endless descent into darkness with only a dim lantern to light the way

Drums of Indel  is a journey through convulsing geometry distorted and manipulated by the hissing, jolting rhythms of the Moog DFAM accompanied by Elektron Digitakt and Digitone. The raw rhythmic voltage materials were further shaped by a host of plugin effects during mixing, including Portal by Output Audio, which opened up many sound design possibilities along the way.


Animals scream from the machines as an orb of light expands and contracts, pulsing and expanding to the building momentum of the rhythms

Cult of Rann plays with a balance between audio signal and noise to distort and then destroy geometry. The forms are always unstable, often only held open by the audio signal momentarily before collapsing back to a net of lines and idle information. Digital and analogue sound sources fight and frolic taking the listener on a journey in three parts as howls and screes emanate from the Moogs.


Glowing particles dance in darkness, providing glimpses of what could be a landscape or the hide of some giant deep sea beast

Smoke and Light  began as a violin-like melodic movement from a pulsing pair of Mother 32's, which we built enveloping pads and drones around with Hydrasynth and the Korg Wavestate. During mixing we managed to generate some extra melodic layers using the Soundtoys Crystaliser plugin, which added harmonic scales to the repeats. Atmosheres came courtesy of the amazing Meris Mercury 7 pedal and the Valhalla DSP Vintage Verb plugin, which are two of our go-to reverb generators.


Click above for an audiovisual sampler of Patterns of Mass


With the guidance of people who are further along this journey than we are, we built a digital system to analyse and dismantle the audio singles, converting them to numerical data. This information is then used to manipulate and distort geometry. This process enables us to create intentional representations of ideas or emotions that change and evolve with the music with tens of thousands of particles dancing in response to the flow of information. To journey with us into the future click on these FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and YOUTUBE links then like, follow and subscribe. To stream or purchase our new EP, head to our BANDCAMP and listen on some headphones or high quality speakers.



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