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Papercraft in Education

For many years now, we’ve been working closely with teachers all over the world, across a wide variety of subjects, age groups, and abilities. We can cover most themes with our collection of over 150 designs now, so whether you’re working with younger age groups/first-time builders with Half Masks, or, have more time working with advanced students on full masks, you have our full support. If you wish to include the masks in your class, or have any questions please get in touch on and we can help you get a plan together.  



Benefits of Making and Child Led Learning

When a child is given just the right amount of direction, choice, and a framework to work within, an almost magical leap of creative stimulation and motivation occurs. Their imagination is allowed to run free and completing a project becomes a fun activity, rather than a perceived ‘task’. When children make something and personalise it with their own hands and minds, they take ownership and create a positive association with proactive, (rather than passive) activities. This can empower, awakening talents and presenting possibilities they had perhaps not considered or had the confidence to pursue previously. Papercraft mask making is a perfect vehicle for this phenomenon and could equip your classroom with tools to take on a variety of projects thereafter. In addition to nurturing creativity, they will learn inherently throughout the process about geometric shapes taking form, structural rigidity, and even teamwork if they build as a group. There are so many ways in which masks can be worked into nearly any curriculum, so we’re excited for you to get started and here if you wish to discuss any specific needs.



Drama Class Masks

We’ve been working with professional, amateur, community and educational theatre groups for many years now. However, when Cheryl Stapleton from Learning Through Theatre got in touch asking if we could design papercraft alternatives to the iconic (and very expensive) wooden Commedia Dell’ Arte masks, we knew it could be something very useful for drama teachers around the world. With her expert insight and invaluable help, Steve designed one of our most popular sets, specifically made for educational theatre use. In a time when sharing masks or spending loads on hand-carved masks for drama departments isn’t an option, this resource has proved invaluable to teachers all over the globe. Of course, not all theatre productions are based around 16th Century Italian caricatures, so any mask from our ever-growing range of papercraft designs can take the stage and when the actors make the mask that they are wearing, they will be invested in the character before they recite a single line.



Masks in Class - We're Here to Help

When you include papercraft mask making in your curriculum, you are not only creating an opportunity for a fun, multi-faceted learning experience, you are opening up a discussion about recycling, conservation and the importance of using waste materials to make incredible new things. You could use 250-300gsm cardstock of your choosing, or, you could make masks from old cereal boxes. If you have any questions or need anything at all, please check out our HOW IT WORKS page or contact us directly on and we'll help you make an amazing classroom experience for your students.

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