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We are told that faster is better. Conditioned to value time over quality and speed over experience but by focusing on completing a task, we miss the process.

We believe that things should be done differently…

The process is the key to experience. Without the process you are not involved, a user not a creator. You’re joining the story at the last page of the book when you could’ve been involved from the start. You can be a maker. With good design, making isn’t a task to be skipped, but an experience to engage in.

This is why we create objects that are designed to be made by you.



The objects that perform daily tasks in our homes can have the greatest effect on our lives. The frequency and way in which we interact with them directly affects our emotions and how we feel about the environment in which we live. When you invest time in materials by building an object, you create intangible emotional value and a shared history. When interacting with an object that you have built, you remember that history, adding to it with every interaction and the experience makes life richer



I have been a maker as far back as I can remember. It was from my grandfather, who was a skilled woodworker, that I learnt the value of passing on the experience of creating things. Since then, I’ve been privileged to have worked in a broad spectrum of roles as a designer and craftsmen. Within all of these roles, I have included time spent teaching or encouraging other people to create. This new project combines that experience with years of feedback from makers of all skill levels to create a process that enables anyone, regardless of previous experience, to make extraordinary things. So, you’ve never made anything before? Perfect, let’s get started



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