A Dragon’s Favourite Food – Family Activity Pack

Adventure Map

Explore an Imaginary World Together

Accompany your child on an adventure in an imaginary world where they'll meet giants, dragons and wizards. As Story Master, you'll join your child on a journey across rivers, through forests, up mountains and into caves. Together, you'll explore craft, storytelling and imaginative play.

A child’s imagination is the most powerful learning mechanism nature has to offer. Providing children the opportunity to develop creative processes early on instils confidence in their ability to create change. Playing and learning together generates happy memories and strengthens family bonds. We hope you enjoy sharing this experience together. It’s playtime again.


Create, Play and Learn

Birthdays, holidays and rainy days with the kids are great opportunities to bond as a family. We know as parents that a child’s mind can be as free as a bunny riding a wild boar at times, which is fantastic. We created A Dragon’s Favourite Food as a way to harness this wild youthful energy through mask making, map reading, storytelling, acting and games. Come along now everyone, we’ll all be hopping travellers, we’ll all be bold, see sights untold, and be mystery unravellers…



Wizards, Dragons, Giants and Bunnies

It all begins with specially designed masks that are quick and easy to build. When everyone has had fun making and decorating the masks they will be invested in the characters they will become. As parent, you are the Story Master. You will also become a forgetful Giant with flame-retardant sheep socks, a fearsome bunny-hungry Dragon and an Evil Wizard in a bat-infested steeple as you guide the kids through boggy forests, craggy mountains, lava-lit caverns and magic doors.


Fun Bits to Build, Wear and Wield

Everything needed for the journey is included in your Activity Pack. Wizard, Dragon and Rabbit Masks, along with the Giant’s Horns, King’s Wand, Crown and a detailed Map will bring the adventure to life. There’s also narration and script, written in rhyme and games to get the kids fully involved in the world you create together. We hope you have as much fun making and playing as we did creating, A Dragon’s Favourite Food.

Kids cardboard masks



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