The Modified Masks of Zygos Brass Band

This band of zany, multi-talented individuals create and custom-decorate some of the coolest bespoke Wintercroft Masks we've ever seen.

Imagine a troop of talented Jazz musicians that manage to cross-pollinate Hip-Hop dance styles and side-show antics with New Orleans-flavour creole swing vibe and we are getting close to what the Zygos Brass Band phenomenon is all about. The manifesto is one that any street musician can relate to: "only one thing can happen: the unexpected." This band of zany individuals has been making some of the coolest custom Wintercroft Masks we've ever seen. In the action shot below, we see the band literally in full swing. Smart suits, fantastic facades and completely mobile, ZBB is primed to strike anywhere, anytime. 


Jérôme Bossard and his crew of merry miscreants make their magnificent Masks from alternate materials and custom decorate them with all sorts of elements.

Below, we can see a few in construction. Many of these special Masks are made from Polypropylene and either sewed together at the joins or pressed with a strong adhesive. Then beads, skulls and custom painting is applied to bring them to lowpoly life. This makes the Masks robust and resistant to perspiration and hard knocks. They also take the liberty of missing out the lower half of the Masks in many cases to allow access to their instruments and sing with clear diction.


I can hear elements of funk, spy movie soundtrack, jazz, swing and even a little sax solo...

Static imagery and writing alone cannot do the band justice, so I have included below an incredible music video Zygos Brass Band shot recently for their dixieland swinger of a tune entitled "Jungle Bees". The track features a wild mix of sounds and styles. I can hear elements of funk, spy movie soundtrack, jazz, swing and even a little sax solo sneaks in the middle of the song to top of this great gumbo of tasty tuneage. Put on the headphones or have a listen through a quality system to get all the nuances.


For more information on this amazing collective, follow the links to the Zygos Brass Band's website and social media platforms below:


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