The Giant Mask Set of Dschungelbuch

Larger than Low Poly Life - The Giant Masks of the German "The Jungle Book"

Not so long ago, we received an email detailing a rather ambitious project proposition from a German gentleman by the name of Patrick Pohl. Patrick revealed that he was Assistant to the Technical Director at the Staatstheater Braunschweig - a beautiful 19th Century theatre and opera house in Brunswick, Germany. The idea was to create four massive Mask builds based on our designs to serve as interactive set pieces for a modern theatrical production of Kipling's timeless "Jungle Book" story.

Throughout the correspondence, the images that started to come through were stunning to behold. While it is usually a human face behind our Masks, it was thrilling to get glimpses of the skeletal wooden framework used to support the massive polygonal panels as the Masks started to take form. The dedication to the builds and clever craftsmanship on display suspended us in a feverish state of anticipation as opening day drew nearer...

Finally, the set was revealed... There the massive Masks sat statuesque - poised to propel the 21st Century rendition of the modern-day myth of Mowgli into the hearts and minds of the audience as opening day drew near...

Little did we know that one of our seemingly-unrelated collaborators (and provider of these amazing backstage set stills) was in attendance... none other than Master Bookbinder and Papercrafter extraordinaire - Nadine Werner. Nadine's wife even performed in the play. It's a small world indeed. If you are curious as to how this all... ahem... played out, check out the performance gallery in our Film and Theatre section.

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