Lilyluciole – The Woman of Many Faces

Recently, an incredible multi-talented, multi-cultural street artist got in touch with us asking if she could feature one of our masks as a component for a piece of art. This email opened up a treasure trove of inspiring imagery and we couldn’t agree fast enough…

Lilyluciole’s story takes us from the African coastline of Gabon to the urban streets of Paris, France and beyond on a global artistic journey. As a self-described ‘average student’ Lilyluciole felt she couldn’t realise her full creative potential within the confines of academic regimen. Her intuition proved correct. Inspired by the freedom, spontaneity and immediate public visibility of Parisian street art, she took her own vision to the streets. Shedding the shackles of the art education system, she followed her creative impulse further afield with a collective of like-minded women street artists. Her work is now visible in Montreal, New York, Berlin and Goa.

In this image, we see Lilyluciole donning our Demon Horn Mask in her singular element – barefooted, immersed in her environment and turning her humanist visions into eye-popping, soul-stirring public works of art. Seeing her in the process is as powerful as the finished work itself.

For more on this vital street artist follow her links below…

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