Jonas Gross and Wintercroft in NEMESIS



Imagine a world in which a masked mad scientist engages in experimental dance (to the tune of test-tube panpipes) with his captive subject, only to reveal a beautiful secret. Swiss panpipe rebel, Jonas Gross, is a young, genre-defying musician who has taken an uncommon instrument and literally blown it into the 21st century.

Incredible dancer and actress, Suramira Vos, prepares for a shot in the smoky haze

The vibe of the music video evokes silver screen sci-fi in classic fashion. Elements of Metropolis, Bride of Frankenstein, Twilight Zone and Nightmare on Elm Street come together in a freaky fusion that incredible to behold.

In this beautifully bizarre video, Jonas uses our Humanoid Polygon Face Mask V2 to great effect

Like the video, the music of "NEMESIS" is an interesting stylistic mishmash of old and new world tonalities. This dichotomy makes for an immersive, experimental experience. We were blown away by this project and so grateful to Jonas and the audiovisual team for including our Mask in the vision.

Find out more about Jonas and his singular style of music by following the links below and keep your eyes and ears out for future collaborations

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