Wintercroft: Masks, Music and Munro Productions

Amazing, textural font for the film title sequence by our friend and print-master John Pedder

Surveillance, Control, Repetition and Isolation are the themes running through this experimental film that we collaborated on with our masks and music. A Temporary Loss of Information was put together by our friend Dan Smith as a multi-discipline, multi-cultural collaboration that spanned many different talents across many different countries. The resulting film is a serendipitous amalgamation of the arts. 


This still is from a beautiful geometric sequence in the film and fits nicely with the aesthetic of our masks scattered throughout the narratives

Filmmakers, musicians, writers, printers and artists from Britain, Belgium and Russia came together for this project and Dan worked with zero budget for three months to put it together just before the Covid 19 epidemic was in full swing. This was eerily relevant to the themes of the film.


The mysterious aura of our track White Scar Dawn matched up well with these surveillance segues that both segment and tie together the film.

In addition to supplying our masks for use in the film, Steve and I sent through the first two tracks from our Thundergate Patterns of Mass EP which worked well thematically. It was thrilling to hear our music in the context of a soundtrack for the first time. We hope to collaborate with Dan and his amazing pool of talented friends again in this way. Keep in mind that there is some mature content and enjoy the film by clicking below.


A Temporary Loss Of Information from Munro Productions on Vimeo.


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