Trophy Hunting: Not Wanted in BC

Time is running out for Bears and Wolves in the BC Peace Region

Animal protection non-profits and Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics are encouraging B.C. residents to speak out for wolves and bears in the B.C. interior before the close of the comment period on January 31st, 2016. The groups believe the government should reject two proposals to increase trophy hunting of wolves and grizzly bears.

“The shocking changes to policy would include removing any bag limit on wolves and tripling the number of grizzly bears killed in others,” says Adrian Nelson, Director of Communications for The Fur-Bearers. “We believe that many people including outdoor recreationalists don’t know about these proposed changes and, given the chance, will speak up in opposition. The voices of these animals can only be heard when British Columbians speak up together.”

The province cites ‘verbal reports’ and ‘best guess’ as the rationale for increasing limits. While alleging to control wolf and bear populations, the proposals appear to have been made without consideration for or understanding of the ecosystem as a whole.

This week, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Wolf Awareness Inc. and The Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals are placing full page ads in regional media outlets 24 Hours and Metro to raise awareness and encourage participation in the comment period on wolf and grizzly bear hunting proposals.

Lush Cosmetics, which opposes trophy hunting entirely and supports the end of animal cruelty, is also encouraging the public to get involved. The ethical brand has committed to starting an online conversation on its popular social media channels and is distributing awareness and ‘how to’ leaflets in all B.C. stores. Shop staff will wear bear and wolf masks to spark conversation and encourage their customers to take action.

“We believe that when residents become aware of unethical and unscientific methods used to develop these proposals, they will demand more of their government,” says Carleen Pickard, Ethical Campaigner at Lush. “Recent published polling shows that 95 percent of British Columbians, including those in the interior, are opposed to trophy hunting. It’s time for the government to listen.”

More details can be found at, and Join the conversation socially using the hashtag #LeaveThemInPeace

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