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From Salmon conservation to Anti Fox Hunting protests our Masks have featured in a number of high profile animal welfare campaigns around the world. If you are involved with a conservation charity and think that we might be able to help raise awareness of your campaign, then please do get in touch.

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Helping Rhinos

We are currently working with the conservation charity to help raise awareness of the need to protect these incredible animals from extinction. We have pledged to donate 5% from every Rhino mask that you buy to the charity Helping Rhinos. Learn more about this charity and the conservation work that they support here:

The Independent

National News Paper: 15th July 2015
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the independent anti fox hunting

Anti Foxhunting Campaign

"Not since V for Vendetta thrust plastic Guy Fawkes masks onto the faces of the Occupy protesters has a mask played such a pivotal political role." Anna Hart, The Independent

Tuesday 14th July 2015 saw animal welfare protesters wearing our fox masks in a protest against the governments planned relaxation of the fox hunting ban. The government backed down and abandoned a planned vote on the issue. Our fox masks were featured center stage in the coverage of the campaign in both the television and national newspaper reports.



We recently teamed up with the "what if they lived" campaign to help raise awareness of need to protect endangered animals.

In conjunction with Earth Day Houston, the "What If They Lived" campaign is using the myth of the Unicorn to bring attention to the animal species that our planet has lost, or is in danger of losing. Future generations may never come into contact with or know of the animals that are endangered today, and those animals may as well be myth. Let’s work together to prevent the loss of any more species.



Visit to learn more about the animals whose livelihoods and habitats are threatened in Texas and the many we've lost worldwide and how we can help.



In the run up to the 2015 General Elections we teamed up with Lush Cosmetics for their Votes for Animals campaign.

On Thursday 23rd April 2015 campaigners wearing our animal masks marched on Parliament marking the launch of the ‘Votes for Animals’ campaign to highlight the importance of animal welfare issues in the General Election. The march was led by among others Brian May and Peter Egan. The aim of the campaign was to help inform the public on where their local candidates stand on the issue of animal welfare and to take this into consideration when voting.

Photos by Felicity Millward and Richard Skins

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March 2015

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23rd November 2014

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21st October 2014

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24th October 2014

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25th October 2014
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