How to Print on Black Card


Although you'd think that printing on black card is relatively simple, there are several complicating factors. The biggest being that most inkjet prints use translucent inks, which soak into the paper, making them almost impossible to see on a darker material. Thicker pigment-based inks, (the type needed to print white on black) sit on the card's surface but are usually reserved for high-end printer models.

So how do you make a completely black Bat, Doberman or Gorilla? There are a few possible workarounds, but we like this simple low tech version. First, print your templates on white printer paper as usual. Next, cut them out and apply thin stretched Blue Tac to the perimeter of the component pieces (being careful not to get in the way of tabs, scoring or solid cutting lines). Finally, adhere to the black card and proceed with your build as normal, carefully test fitting the joins and removing the templates before joining the tabs. Here's a video that shows the process.




You can use this same technique when building any of our masks that would otherwise have visible templates. So whether it's the ear cavities of the Fox, Hare or Cat Masks, or exposed open horns of the Half Stag and Ram, you can employ this method to save the step of covering or paint over the exposed templates. Looking for more hints, tips and inspiration? Click on the links below to read the features that will help you become an arts and crafts grandmaster. Don't forget, if you have a specific question, you can always send us an email or post a query in our Facebook Makers Group.



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